2009 - Today

The VH group was established in 1971, Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. in Pune (India). Today the group is popularly known the world over as “Venky’s”. Today the group is the largest fully integrated poultry group in Asia. 

Zamati has assisted Venky's to achieve 12 Gold medals at the 2010 international Fachwettbewerb Austria. This allowed Venky's to achieve an honorary award which is a great result for a first-time participant.

2007- Today

Rosco's is a local kiwi business operating since 1992 and owned by Zamati Tech. Rosco's has been developing and producing snap frozen full-size family gourmet and value fighter burger patties. Rosco's strives to become New Zealand's preferred burger for the home BBQ. 

Rosco's believes in offering the highest quality products and maintaining the existing quality Burger Sensory Experience through smell, sight, taste, texture and the sound of enjoyment after biting into a juicy burger. 

All of Rosco's gourmet burgers are made from Natural products and ingredients ensuring you are eating nothing but the best. Rosco's strives to attain the 'Heart Tick' for their range of products available to give your family an assurance you will receive a healthy and easy prepared meal.


Zamati has redeveloped the Rosco's products to create a naturally healthy burger range which is now being promoted by Beef and Lamb New Zealand at the Iron Brion BBQ Roadshow. The Rosco's burgers achieved 6 Gold medals at 2010  International Fachwettbewerb Austria.

Aotea Organics
2016- Today

Aotea Organic Farm is the largest Biodynamic farm in New Zealand 

Thirty years of organic farming and diversity in species and habitat has made Aotea Organics a beacon of chemical free farm practice and one of the purist rural environments in the world. 


Aotea Farms produces 100% organic products from its many species of animal and plant life. From meat to macadamia nuts, our produce is harvested to be the most pure food you will find anywhere on earth. 

Zaroa NZ
2000- Today

ZAROA NZ is a specialty meat manufacturer that offers the highest quality of natural & organic meat products. With exceptional taste, flavour and experience that will delight the connoisseur consumer with enriched taste buds. With a large range of products being internationally award-winning, promoting health, wellness and earning the heart tick consumers will see ZAROA NZ as New Zealand’s premier meat destination. 


Zamati has assisted ZAROA NZ to achieve 10 Gold and 2 Silver medals at 2010 International Fachwettbewerb Austria. 

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