Introducing the Austrian Twins, Buren Hot and Buren Mild Saussi Like the famous Austrian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, these two meaty beefcakes are bold in natural flavours, smoked in Manuka for that distinguishing characteristic and are incredibly filling to eat and are perfect for any meal to be eaten as is, cooked in a pan and works amazingly in a salad. Buren Hot does add a mild spice to your life.
As there is a strong trend towards more healthier meat products and sausages which don't contain pork we wanted to create a premium quality frankfurter/hot dog style sausage which also offers a range of well-being benefits. By using NZ best primary produce (Beef & Oil). The criteria to achieve this were:
• Using NZ best Grass-fed and Free-range Lean Angus Beef
• Adding Healthy Oils/Fats – which offers various benefits and offers a more nutrient sausage. Therefor we made a blend of two most healthy oils (Rapeseed Oil & Hemp Oil) produced in NZ and blended it with the lean beef.
• Following international trends on ‘Well-being’ benefits we made the recipe formulation:
- No Artificial Additives / Preservatives
- Free From – Gluten / Soy / Dairy
- No Added – MSG / Sodium Nitrites / Poly-Phosphates / Sugars
- Reduced Sodium
- Adding Dietary Fibres


To serve cook in the bag in hot water or fry on a pan or BBQ.


Ingredients:  Beef, Purified Water, Dietary Fibre, Natural Flavour, Organic Sea Salt, Spice Blend, Vinegar, Spanish Paprika Manuka Smoke


No:  Gluten, Sodium Nitrites, Soy, Pork, Fillers, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colouring, Artificial Flavouring



  • Refridgerate the item below 4 degrees

    Eat within 5 days of opening

  • Nutrition Information


    Servings Per Pack 2 

    Serving Size: 130g



    Average Qty

    Per Serve

    Average Qty

    Per 100g

    Energy     1337kJ     1029kJ
    Protein       23.4g       18.0g
    Fat - Total       23.7g


    - Saturated         9.7g         7.5g
    Carbohydrate         1.9g         1.5g
    - Sugars         1.4g         1.1g
    Sodium     1143.4mg     879.6g


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